The Galway Bay Golf Resort prides itself on maintaining the long-standing tradition, rules of play and character of the Club. All Members and guests are requested to observe the following dress regulations before their visit.

Take Pride in the Golf Course

Proper course care is essential to good course etiquette. Incorrect course care is ineffective and can actually be harmful.


Please take divot bags, situated near the first tee beside the putting green. Always repair your own divots, on fairways, tees and the first cut of rough, by filling them and then smoothing the sand level, with your foot and dont leave a sand-castle. If it does not hold up play, do repair divots carelessly left by others.


Enter every bunker at its lowest point, and leave it raked as you would like to find it. Use the back of the rake to smooth down any slope, including your exit. Rakes should be placed carefully in the middle, lowest point of the bunker, lying along the direction of play. Always knock sand from your shoes before walking onto the green.


Check for and repair your own pitch-mark by folding all the sides into the centre, then tapping down with your putter head. Never try to repair by levering up the bottom of the pitch mark. As time allows, please repair any other pitch marks you may notice. You may also repair any spike marks, but only after putting out. No buggies across the greens and follow any course signage.

Motorised carts:

With multiple cart-users in a group, course wear and tear is minimized by two people sharing. Please follow the guidelines in the cart or on its key-tag. Obey the course signage, and do not drive on greens,surrounds or tees. Avoid driving between greens and bunkers, and keep at least a cart-width away from bunkers.


Please dispose of your litter, including cigarette ends, in the bins at or near each tee. If you find something needing attention that you cannot fix, please report it to the Ranger or at the Pro Shop.


You will help to stamp out slow play by taking no more than four hours for four-ball rounds, three-and-a-half hours for three-ball rounds, and less for two-ball rounds.

Always be aware of the order of play, and be ready to hit. Above all, please keep pace: your match will maintain its place in the field by keeping up with the group in front. If it is holding up play for any reason, and has a clear hole ahead, it must call through the match behind, which has a duty to the field to play through.

A provisional ball should be played if there is a likelihood the original ball may be lost. In fourball play, only the player and any caddies may look for the ball. Please call through the match behind as soon as it becomes apparent that the ball will not easily be found.

If you are no longer effectively participating in a hole, please pick up.

At the green, place buggies close to the path to the next tee, not in front of the green, so that you can leave the green immediately on completion of play.

Please do not move, talk, stand close to or directly behind the ball or hole, when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke.

Course staff are instructed to be aware of golfers presence, but if a course staff member is in range, you must not play a shot until the staff member has acknowledged you by waving.

We ask each member of every group to take personal pride in observing the etiquette of the game. The low marker of every playing group is asked to assume ultimate responsibility.