Wedding Fair Winners

A huge congrats to our Wedding Fair Winner Marian Barrett who won a wedding prize worth 10,000 euro here on Sunday the 28th of February. Congratulations also to our two runners up Sharon Brady and Sinead Cunningham who both got discounts off a wedding package at Galway Bay Golf Resort and 50% off car hire at Wedding Cars Galway.

Read her entry below….

I saw your ad in the Connacht Tribune and my fiance and I would love to enter your generous wedding competition!
Our love story began on a night in September after a racing meet in Galway City. After losing every bet we had placed myself and my sister hit the town to drown our sorrows over a few cocktails! Being completely overdressed wearing feather headpieces, or ‘caps’ as Aidan aptly named them, we caught his attention and hit it off straight away. After a dreamy year and a half of dating, Aidan asked me to move in with him to his home village of Maree and I haven’t looked back since!
The proposal came on Christmas night last. I had had a lovely Christmas day at home with my family, taking part in all the usual family traditions I loved! I missed Aidan but we had decided it better for him to stay with his family for Christmas day, neither of us liked to be away from our own families on the day that was in it. On Christmas night, myself and my sisters were bickering over who’s turn it was to make the tea and turkey sandwiches, when my phone rang and I saw it was Aidan! I happily told them then that I would make the tea because I looked forward to talking to him about his day and I knew I would only get quietness in the kitchen!
Aidan and I were chatting on the phone for a few minutes when he said that I had forgotten to open one present. I thought nothing over it, I was so excited about my Michael Kors handbag nothing else caught my attention! i said sure I’ll get it tomorrow when I see you and he said in typical Aidan fashion ‘sure I’ll give it to you now’ 😉 I was so confused, he said open your door. I ran out and there Aidan was, he walked towards me and took a small box from his pocket. He then told me how much he loved me, got down on one knee and asked me the ultimate question, would I spend the rest of my life with him. When I caught my breath I screamed yes!! It was the most magical moment of my life. We kissed and turned around to see both my sisters crying and hugging each other in delight.
My brother immediately opened a bottle of champagne we had in the house for ages and we celebrated into the night with my parents and siblings. The proposal was just perfect for me and for us as a couple. Aidan knew i would have wanted my family there to celebrate that once in a lifetime moment, and the fact it was outside the house I grew up in made the whole event a spectacular moment I will truly never forget.
As Aidan is from Maree and we live in the area, we always said when walking the dog in Renville that Renville Golf Club would be the perfect venue for our special day. It is a dream that we would love to have the chance to make a reality. We would love to be one of the couples chosen to compete for the free wedding on Sunday and we would be extremely competitive! Thank you for taking the time to read our story!

Barry Phelan